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Note: Much of the following material, including linked information, comes from my book "Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," past newsletters, past articles, and my upcoming books, "Beating Fibromyalgia, the Patient Manual" (available January 2005) and "Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the Manual for Non-Allopathic Doctors," (available December 2004).

Question: Can I take your supplements if I’m taking prescription medications?

Only if you want to feel better and get well. There is a misconception that nutritional supplements may be dangerous if taken with medications. In some cases this may be true. However, there few contraindications for taking the vitamins and minerals I recommend. The only contraindication that comes to mind is surgery. Vitamin C and fish oil can increase bleeding times and should be avoided a few days before having surgery.

My Recommendations

Most of the products I recommend, like the CFS/Fibro Formula or Basic Vitamin/Mineral Formula, are essential nutrients. They must be taken in through the diet everyday. Essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and amino acids) make certain hormones (serotonin, dopamine, thyroid, sex hormones, etc) enzymes, and other chemicals that the allow the brain and body to function at optimal levels. Without these key nutrients disease processes begin to occur.

Most individuals are deficient in these essential nutrients; vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and amino acids. Even if you eat 3 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, you’ll still be deficient in certain key essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Most of our foods are processed and, therefore, the nutrients have been leeched out of them. 70% of the population is deficient in magnesium, 65% are deficient in zinc, 48% are deficient in calcium, and 56% of the population is deficient in Vitamin C.

Murphree, R.H., Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Nutritional deficiencies are quite common in America. In one study up to 50% of patients admitted for hospital care had nutritional deficiencies.

Roubenoff R, et al, Malnutrition among hospitalized patients: problems of physician awareness. Arch Intern Med 147:1462- 1465.1987

Fifty percent of the population is deficient in magnesium.

Rogers SA, Tired or Toxic?, Prestige Printing, Box 3161, Syracuse NY13220, 1990.

It's clear that everyone should taking an optimal multivitamin and mineral formula.


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We are the Gardeners of Our Life

Compare Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) to Optimum Daily Allowance (ODA)

My Multivitamin & Mineral Formulas are available here

A Detailed Description of Benefits Associated with Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids

Question: Can I take 5HTP or some of the other amino acids if I’m taking anti-depressants or sleep medications?

Yes. Ninety percent of my patients are taking antidepressants. They don’t make serotonin or epinephrine. Most antidepressants are like gasoline additives, they help a person hang on to the serotonin or epinephrine their brain is already producing. Most individuals don’t have any serotonin or epinephrine in their brain to re-uptake. A gasoline additive doesn’t help when the tank is empty! Most individuals with depression or mood disorders are deficient in serotonin and epinephrine; they’ve used it all up and their brains are empty. This is why they are depressed, have more pain, suffer from insomnia, and anxiety. Using a gasoline additive isn’t going to help. Serotonin and epinephrine are made from the amino acids. Why use a gasoline additive (that has all kinds of potential side-effects) when you can just pour gasoline into your tank. Yes, please take amino acids.

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Antidepressants Not Much Better Than Sugar Pill According to Report on Clinical Trials

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See Brain Function Questionnaire Here

Question: Should I stop taking my prescription medications?

I don’t recommend you stop taking your prescription medications until after you start feeling better on my program. Stopping medications can trigger a host of withdrawal symptoms. Start taking the supplements I recommend, build your stress coping system up, and allow your body to start healing itself. After you start feeling stronger (it may be a few months) then with the help of your doctor, slowly start weaning off the medications. Most of the medications can be weaned off and never missed. Some medications will have to be re-started until you become stronger or find other less toxic options.

More About Commonly Used Drugs and Their Side-Effects

Pfizer Settles Fraud Case for $430 Million

Question: I’ve started taking the CFS/Fibromyalgia Jump Start (or other products) and I’m now having problems (rash, diarrhea, nausea, etc.) what should I do?

I recommend you discontinue all supplements for 1-2 days. Then add back one tablet a day to see which particular pill (supplement) is causing the problem.


If you have a problem taking the CFS/Fibromyalgia Jumpstart package stop all pills for 1-2 days. Then start adding one pill each day. The first day you should take one multivitamin tablet. If you don’t have any problems then the next day take two multivitamin tablets. If you don’t have any problems add another multivitamin tablet on the third day. Keep adding one tablet each day until you take a whole pack. If you start having a problem stop taking that particular pill, wait a couple of days and begin adding the rest of the pills one each day. Then do the same thing with any other supplements you may be taking (adrenal cortex, 5HTP). The digestive enzyme rarely causes a problem. I recommend you stay on this even while you are exploring which particular pill is giving you a problem.

Question: In your talk you said there are some medications we are taking that is actually making us worse. Which medications do you think are bad?

I’ve already reported on the dangers of prescription medications. At best most only cover up problems. At their worst, prescription medications can cause serious side-effects.

As reported in the Journal of American Medical Association, over 250,000 Americans die each year from medical therapies - including at least 113,000 from the negative effects of prescription medications. Death from medical errors is now the third cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease and cancer.

1 .Journal of The American Medical Association, July 26, 2000:284 (4):483-5

2. Kohn L, ed, Corrigan J, ed Donaldson M, ed. To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System. Washington, DC: National Academy Press; 1999.

Question: I tried 5HTP but it didn’t work. What else can I try for sleep?

First of all make sure you took a good, highly absorbable, pure 5HTP supplement. There are vendors who aren’t as concerned about quality as others. In short, there are some dishonest manufacturers out there. They only care about jumping on the band wagon and making a quick buck. Second, make sure you try taking it at night on an empty stomach with 4 ounces of grape juice. Try to push the dose up to 300mg. If no luck falling asleep, then add 3mg of sublingual melatonin at bedtime. Try taking together for a few days. If you fall asleep but can’t stay asleep, use 2-3mg of timed released melatonin at bedtime.

5HTP turns into serotonin and then into melatonin. Melatonin is the sleep producing hormone. However, you always want to make sure your serotonin levels stay elevated so start with 5HTP and add melatonin if needed.

Ok, you take 5HTP at night and it makes you more alert. Don’t take at night, instead take during the day with food 2 capsules three times a day. If you can’t turn your mind off before going to bed, try taking 50mg of L-Theanine or 500 mg of GABA (take on an empty stomach one and half hour after dinner). Both of these naturally-occurring amino acids help calm the mind chatter down.

Practice good sleep-promoting habits. Turn the lights down low, avoid bright lights, stimulation, caffeine, and alcohol. No work! Stay off the computer, avoid the phone and TV past nine O’clock. Keep your bedroom cool. Lights down low. Don’t get into bed until you are ready to sleep. A little reading is ok, but no TV in bed.

Warm baths with Epsom salts one hour before bed can be relaxing.

If this doesn’t work you might have to consult your medical doctor and use Ambien, Flexeril, Trazadone, or Elavil until you can correct your sleep-wake cycle. Keep taking 5HTP SO YOU CAN BUILD UP YOUR OWN SEROTONIN.

My newsletter with more sleep information

GABA is available here

Question: Do I have to use your supplements or can I get them at a health food store, Walmart, or pharmacy?

No, you don't have to use mine. You can use other supplements. Make sure they are based on optimal daily dose. I try to use the purest nutrients I can find. I also try to keep cost down. But, if I have to choose between quality and price I’ll choose quality. I do this because it is not what you take but what you absorb that matters. The Essential Therapeutics line of supplements is guaranteed to be digested with in 45 minutes. Also look for products free of fillers, artificial colors or additives. I use products that are free of yeast, sugar, wheat, dairy, colorings or artificial coloring. I’m pretty picky about the supplements I use. If I’m going to be recommending supplements for tough illnesses like fibromyalgia, CFS, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, I want to know I’m using the best products available, so should you.

Essential Therapeutics Statement of Quality

See the ingredients in my CFS/FIBRO FORMULA here

Question: When I try to take fish oil I taste it all day. When I take fish oil I get bloating, gas or indigestion? Why are fish oils so important? Can I take flax seed oil instead?

Many individuals have become deficient in the enzymes needed digestive certain oils, including fish oil. Try taking a digestive enzyme along with your fish oil capsule at each meal. This should do it. If not, hang in there or switch to flax seed oil. The most important part of fish oil is DHA. Deficiencies are linked to mood disorders, depression, anxiety, fatigue, ADHD, and poor immune function. This long chain fatty acid isn’t in flax seed oil.

Sixty-percent of the U.S. population is deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids.

The American Heart Association reports that studies show that fish oil supplements drastically reduce the risk of sudden death from heart attacks and or stroke. Those individuals who took receiving fish oil supplementation (1,000mg twice a day) were 45% less likely to die from a heart related disease.

Another study published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, showed that “studies suggest that marine fatty acids have an anti-tumor effect on prostrate tumor cells.”

These oils also reduce help boost hormones that naturally reduce allergic reactions, pain and inflammation.

The Many Health Benefits of Fish Oil!

Question: I feel a lot better after taking your CFS/Fibro Formula or Basic Multivitamin/mineral Formula but now I have diarrhea. What should I do?

Try taking the white oval magnesium tablet out of each packet (CFS/Fibro Formula). Magnesium is a natural muscle-relaxant (the colon is a muscle). If you take too much magnesium you can get loose bowel movements. If this doesn’t stop the loose bowel movements, try taking one pack a day instead of two (applies to both formulas). I’d also recommend you start taking a digestive enzyme with each meal. Make sure you take the CFS/Fibro formula with food.

A low serotonin state will cause irritable bowel syndrome. Taking 5HTP will boost serotonin levels and IBS usually goes away in one to two weeks.

If you are constipated then you’re low in magnesium. Magnesium gets used-up rather quickly (used in each cell to generate energy) when we get under too much stress. Another sign you are low in magnesium is when you have muscle twitches or spasms (Restless Leg Syndrome).

Magnesium Information

Question: Will I have to take these supplements for the rest of my life?

No, at some point you can stop taking some of the supplements but you’ll always need to be on a good optimal dose multivitamin/mineral supplements. The best health insurance is the commitment you make to taking good care of yourself. Taking nutritional supplements helps fill in the gaps in our ongoing health program. Do you eat 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Can you avoid all toxic pollution (air, water, stress)?

I don’t want to breakdown and become chronically ill at 50 or 60 or 70 and live the rest of my dependent on drugs, surgeries and hospital care. Too many people die with their music still in them. They are dead long before their heart stops beating. I’ve seen several people I love succumb to the usual ravages of old age and poor health. Not me! Research shows that taking essential nutrients and staying active physically, mentally, and spiritually keeps us young (no matter what age) and healthy.

My Multivitamin & Mineral Formulas are available here

Question: Can you recommend a doctor in my area who uses your program?

I wish I could. There is a real shortage of “forward, out of the box thinking” doctors. This is why I’m now touring the country and teaching other doctors how to use my protocols.

Question: You recommend I stop eating sugar. How can I stop my sugar cravings?

When you are under stress, anxious, or depressed, your body might crave sugar or starches. This is an attempt to get more serotonin into your brain. Starches and sugar help more tryptophan (5HTP) get past the blood brain barrier and get into the brain. This boosts serotonin levels. Normally by increasing 5HTP you can stop these cravings. You can take up to 300mg a day. If you are taking it at night, also take during the day with food for a combined daily dose of 300mg. This also applies to helping reduce anxiety, low moods, or pain. Stay on the empty stomach bedtime dose but add the additional 5HTP during the day with food (max 300mg).

You can also use the amino acid L-Glutamine 500mg 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Nature's Way makes a product called Blood Sugar that helps reduce sugar cravings. Ask you local Health food store for this product.

L-glutamine is available here

Question: I’m doing better since I started taking the CFS/Fibro Formula. What else can I take to reduce my pain?

If your Brain Function Questionnaire shows you’re low in serotonin take 5HTP ( and keep increasing until get to 300mg a day). The higher your serotonin, the less pain you’ll have.

If it shows you’re low in opiods, (The O Group) then try DL-Phenylalanine.

DL-Phenyalanine is available here

My Arthro Formula is good for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

The new SAMe formula is also a good choice for pain reduction

The brand new Achy Muscle Formula is designed for chronic tight achy muscle pain

I also recommend you consider learning more about diet, essential fatty acids, leaky gut, and more by ordering my double CD set about "Beating Pain"

Question: My doctor won’t prescribe Armour thyroid, bio-identical hormone Replacement therapy, or any other therapies you recommend. What should I do?

Fire them! I hear this often and it upsets me that people are treated like peasants in the royal court. If your doctor isn’t doing what you want, fire them and get another doctor. They work for you.

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Question: How can I reduce my cholesterol naturally?

Take 300 mg of fish oil each day along with policosanol. Policosanol comes from sugar cane extract. Several studies show that this natural nutrient lowers total cholesterol, LDL (the bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (The good cholesterol).

Timed release niacin is also a good choice for lowering cholesterol.

Policosanol is available here

Niacin is available here

Question: How can I reduce my blood pressure naturally?

Start with Timed release Niacin 400mg twice a day for 5 days. Then increase the dose to 400mg three times a day for 5 days. Then 800mg twice a day. Regular niacin can cause an unpleasant histamine flush. You can avoid this by using timed release niacin. Even better is a special form of niacin called inositolhexaniacinate (No Flush Niacin). No Flush Niacin should be taken same way as timed release niacin.

I also recommend good optimal dose multivitamin with 500mg of magnesium and 2-3,000mg of fish oil each day.

Marine Fish Oil is available here

Niacin is available here

Question: I’m trying to get pregnant can I take the supplements you recommend?

I’d recommend the regular multivitamin 2 tablets twice a day with food. Prenatal vitamins are a waste! Based on RDA recommend disease allowance (see last months newsletter). I’d also recommend you take 3,000mg of fish oil each day. I wouldn’t recommend taking any other supplements.

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